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Top 10 Mysteries Around The World

1. Lost and Green

During the 12th century, the people of Woolpit. England were greeted with a strange sight when a boy and a girl came to their town. Their Skin Had a Greenish hue, and they spoke a strange language that the people of woolpit didn’t understand.

They only ate raw beans. Eventually, the little boy died. But the girl survived. Woolpit’s citizens taught her how to dress, what to eat and how to speak English. Then she told them about how she came from a place named ‘ St Martin’s Land’ where there more green people like her.

Was she telling the truth or making things up from a hazy memory? It is hard to tell.

2. Robin Who?

The tale of Robin Hood, a man who stole from the wealthy to give to the poor, is popular around the world. When you think of Robin Hood, you think of a man wearing green tights and carrying a bow and arrow.

Robin Hood

But do you know that this story was possibly based on the life of a real person? This is the lesser known mystery of Robin Hood. Seems a bit unreal, right? Robin Hood is popularly known as an outlaw who won the hearts of many because of his generosity. He was a talented swordsman and archer. He was always followed by a band of ‘Merry Men’ who helped him on his missions.

The first time he ever appeared in print was around 1370 in a poem called ‘piers plowman’ by William Langland. But he is more popularly known for fighting the corrupt sheriff of Nottingham evil king john.

The idea that his character was based on a real person came from passionate researches who tried to find a robin hood –like figure from the post. They found the ‘king Remembrancer’s Memoranda roll of Easter 1262’, which pardons an authority figure for Confiscating the Possesions OF a man named William Robehod ho was considered a fugitive .could this be robin hood?

There are several such references in documents found in the 13th and 14th century of people whose names and backgrounds look like Robin Hood. But it is difficult to find out who the real Robin Hood was or if he ever existed.

3. Clown Sightings

It is funny how life can imitate art some times. In late 2013, a British man wore clown makeup and costume and tried to resemble a murderous clown character from a Stephen king novel named ‘it’. He simply stood at the side of a street and that was enough to scare people passing by.

Clown Sightings

He was caught on CCTV camera. Local news channels picked up the footage and broadcasted his photos. Nobody knows the identity of the man and he never revealed it. But he did send a message to the news channels to say that he was just having fun and had no ill-intention.

4. Jumping Dogs

Overtoun Bridge in Scotland is home to a very peculiar mystery. Since the 1950s, several dogs have tried to jump off the bridge which is at height of 50 feet. There is a waterfall below the bridge.

Jumping Dogs, jump off the bridge

The jump is quite steep so only a few dogs can swim out to safety or are rescued. what is strange is that there is at least one dog that jumps off the bridge every year, they all do it from the same side. Another unusual fact is that the dogs are breeds that have long snouts.

While the local people would love to solve the mystery, it is so strange that they just don’t know where to begin!

5. Strange Kaspar

Kaspar Hauser had a very strange and well-documented life. It all began on May 28, 1828, when he was walking down a street in Nuremberg. He had a letter on him that he took to a military captain.

Strange Kaspar

What was strange was that he was barely able to walk. He was unable to use his fingers and he could not talk at all. When someone gave him food, helped him wash himself or cleaned his clothes, He would act like he had never seen such actions being done before. He was impressed by everyday things.

The letter he had on him was supposedly written by a labourer who had taken the boy into his custody in the year of 1812. There was also a letter from the boy’s mother which stated his name and date of birth. His mother’s letter claimed that his father was a deceased cavalry officer.

Kaspar was taken in by a man named Georg Daumer who taught him how to write, speak, talk and walk properly. He began to work and live a respectful life. Years later he died in an accident. But, strangely , the last words that he ever spoke could be translated to “I didn’t do it myself”.

This sentence could mean that the accident that caused his death, which was claimed to have been his fault, could really be someone else’s. Kapsar’s life was full of unsolved mysteries like where he came from, where he spent his youth and if he was killed.

6. Cooper’s Escape

A man named D.B. copper once hijacked a plane with a very clear plan in mind. He demanded 200,000 Dollars to release the plane and of course, parachutes. Once they were delivered, he asked for the rear door of the plane to be left open as they flew to Mexico.

Cooper’s Escape,

He also asked for the plane to be flown low and slow. The plane was to make a refueling stop in neveda, so while they were descending, Cooper jumped out of the plane with the money and a parachute. The pinch was that he did it during the night time. There were no witnesses who saw him jump and despite heavy scrutiny, none of the policeman were able to find him ever again!

7. Devil’s Mark

Imagine that it is very early in the morning and you are living in the year 1855. What would your reaction be to seeing footprints outside your home? The people of Devon were in for a similar surprise when they found marks that looked like the hooves of a strange animal in the snow.

Devil’s Mark

These marks were spaced out at 64 Km distances, and people were sure they were made during the night when everyone was sleeping. Nobody was able to find out who made these marks, but there were many theories which ranged from a prank to the work of the devil! What is strange is that the Footprints were only from one foot.

8. Mothman

In 1966, four teenagers in America met with a hideous sight. They saw a man who looked part human, part bird and part moth. This man had really red eyes. Or so, said the teenagers as they only saw the man passing by on his way to another road.


The teenagers say that the man saw them, then began to pursue them by spreading his wings. They immediately reported the incident to the local police. Once news got out, the man was labeled ‘Mothman’. Though the police looked for him, he was never to be seen again. A murder on the road where he was headed was linked to him and remains unsolved.

9. El Chupacabra

Have you heard stories from your parents about Scary Creatures that might come out at night and take away kids who don’t go to bed on time? Or children who don’t eat their vegetables? A lot of these creatures are taken from books and novels. Although not real, they are very useful when parents want to discipline their children.

El Chupacabra

SO, imagine the surprised of some people in places like Mexico and Venezuela when they saw such a creature in the real world. Or at least, this is what they claim. Just like the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster, there is a creature out there called ‘ El Chupacabra’ It is hard to prove if the sightings were real or just made up.

10. Strange Lights

Sometimes, citizens of Texas, USA who live on Mitchell Flat see some strange lights called Marfa Lights floating in the air. Is it a truck of nature or are the lights artificial? This is a difficult question to answer.

Strange Lights

The lights are big enough to be the size of basketballs. They are closer to the ground and would come up to the shoulder of an average-sized man. What is troublesome is what these lights keep moving quickly in strange directions. There is always a certain pattern that they follow.

Some people think that it is the work of aliens, while more rational thinkers claim that it is from traffic at the nearby highway. The real reason is still unknown.

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